Survey On The Online Gambling Industry has just released a survey that presents some interesting statistics about online gambling and sheds some light on the growth potential that exists within the industry as a whole.

According to the survey, which was conducted in conjunction with Market Facts Telenation, nearly 55% of the 1000 respondents didn’t know it was possible to win real money when gambling online.

Baron Menzel, CEO of’s parent company Paramount Trading Inc., said, “It’s clear that not many people are aware of all the online gambling options, especially when it comes to winning real money.”

He went on to note that, “The biggest winner at won more than $25,000 and frankly, the odds are as good or better gambling online than at a land-based casino.”

This was not the largest jackpot to be won at an Internet casino, however. As noted in last week’s Big Winners / Big Jackpot article, a slots player recently won more than $100,000.

The survey also found there were a number of factors that convinced people to gamble online. The majority of respondents (16%) cited convenience as their reason for playing at web casinos.

Favorite games were split along the gender lines, with 33.4% of men preferring to play blackjack; women were divided almost evenly between bingo (17.2%) and slots (17.6%).

Obviously, those findings are good news for and other casino sites that feature blackjack games.

But the survey also seems to indicate that the industry needs to raise its profile and make the public aware that there is big money to be won at Internet casinos.